Blue Rug Creeping Juniper

Juniper horizontalis 'Wiltoni', Blue Rug

Dense and flat blue foliage, effective groundcover and weed-crowder, sets pea-sized silvery berries, native form, performs well in poor soils.

Sunlight Exposure:Full Sun
Plant Attributes:Deer ResistantDrought TolerantSalt TolerantU.S. Native

Plant Type(s): Evergreen, Groundcover

Color(s): Blue

  • Plant Height: 12" - 18"
  • Plant Width: 48" - 60"
  • Hardy Zones: 3 - 8

Spring/Summer Care: No maintenance needed.

Autumn/Winter Care: Prune anytime February through March.

Fertilizer Needs: Apply a balanced fertilizer in early spring (before the first flush of new growth).

Blue Rug Creeping Juniper