'Fireworks' Goldenrod

Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks'

Blooms late summer to frost with arching sprays of golden-yellow rods. Carefree foliage is bright green.

Sunlight Exposure:Full SunPart Sun
Plant Attributes:Drought TolerantSalt TolerantU.S. Native

Plant Type(s): Perennial

Color(s): Gold, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow

  • Plant Height: 3’ - 4’
  • Plant Width: 2’ - 3’
  • Hardy Zones: 4 - 9

Spring/Summer Care: Pinch in early season to improve branching, then leave be.

Autumn/Winter Care: Mow tops off completely during winter.

Fertilizer Needs: Fertilizers are generally not needed, as they promote too much foliage growth and will cause lodging.

'Fireworks' Goldenrod
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