'Mohave' Scarlet Berry Firethorn

Pyracantha x 'Mohave'

Large white umbels in late spring bring massive autumn clusters of rich red/orange bird resistant berries, highly disease resistant strain.

Sunlight Exposure:Full SunPart Sun

Plant Type(s): Flowering Shrub

Color(s): Orange, White

  • Plant Height: 8’ - 10’
  • Plant Width: 8’ - 10’
  • Hardy Zones: 6 - 9

Spring/Summer Care: Prune minimally in mid summer. Hard cutting will cut any potential berries off.

Autumn/Winter Care: No pruning or maintenance needed.

Fertilizer Needs: Generally they do not need fertilizer, but if need, apply a low dose of balanced fertilizer in late winter.

'Mohave' Scarlet Berry Firethorn
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